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Contact Me

All violent or mean messages will be ignored, so please use the respect and kindness I will always give you.

I am an independent provider and do not have an assistant, or work for an agency. I made my website completely by myself and, I also look at and reply to all inquiries/screening forms personally. Because of this I will reply as soon as I can so if you don't hear back immediately don't be upset, you will hear from me soon. I always try to reply within 24 hours or sooner. Please be mindful that I am only one person who does a lot so please do not be rude if you hear back later then 24 hours. I promise I am trying my absolute best. 

I prefer an appointment being made to guarantee my time is available. I am sometimes open to short notice meetings and can be available on the fly. Although same day appointments can be really hard and it is best to reach out as soon as possible. Please give me a minimum of a two hour notice if it is our first time meeting. For returning suitors who have already be screened sometimes I can be there faster then two hours if I am already ready.


If it is your first time setting up a date with me you will be asked to fill out the screening form upon contacting me it is located right below this. If you have any specific questions please contact me over text or email. For the fastest method of response please contact me via text message saying your name and, when you would like to meet. I NEVER accept phone calls. Please only contact me by text, email, or through the screening form on my website. If you are subscribed to my only fans/follow me on twitter please do not request a date through there it is against their terms of service and, it will be ignored since I do not want to risk being banned. Feel free to chat with me on only fans about anything else. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

*I unfortunately had to change my phone number as of 7/14/22 please understand if you have texted my old one with no response as I no longer have access  to it


*no unplanned phone calls

Email is greatly preferred 

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