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Date Etiquette

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my etiquette guide. This is used to make sure we are on the same page during our date. If any of my etiquette guide is not followed then it may result in the unfortunate completion of our time together and being placed on several national escort blacklists.



Good hygiene makes a handsome gentleman. A shower, freshly brushed teeth and deodorant before our appointment  is absolutely not an option. In my opinion the most attractive men I have ever met are ones that smell good!


My full consideration is only accepted in cash, sorry but NO exceptions. If a deposit is paid there is absolutely no refunds for a cancelled date. (see my cancellation policy at the bottom of this page) Please leave my donation on the bathroom counter for me to get when I freshen up shortly after I walk in. (if you don’t have envelope do not stress about it although it is preferred). If we are meeting in public please place my consideration in a gift bag/card, or magazine and hand it to me in a discreet way. My donation should always be given to me in the first 5 minutes of us meeting. It doesn't matter if we meet in public/private same amount of time applies. I should never have to ask, your generosity is very much appreciated!


Violence is never allowed. If you happen to be violent or mean during our time together I will leave immediately and blacklist you. Please never ask me about my real name or any identifying details. Doing this makes me very uncomfortable. I value my safety as much as you do yours. Please remember that this is a paid for service and understand that I do not engage in any "off the clock time" While I truly do enjoy spending time with the gentleman I meet, I would appreciate if you do not ask me to meet you for any time without any compensation or stay longer then our scheduled time with out compensation. This includes staying for dinner, a show, shopping... etc. I would love to do those things in our planned arrangements. If you want me to stay past our scheduled time please have the cash ready on hand/prepared to stop at ATM in that exact moment. 

I am a sober companion and will not participate in any drinking/partying. I ask of you to respect that decision I have made for myself.  If you would like to drink during our time together it will not bother me as long as you aren't pressuring me to participate.

Down Time

I always stay off my phone often during our time together, and am not a clock watcher. Although I ask you to please understand when I need to use my phone for basic personal matters. This applies especially during longer engagements. I will always understand when you need to use yours for whatever reason.

 For dates thats are 4-8 hours in length I require one meal provided by the client or time out of the room. If you cannot be seen in public with me room service or ordered in food is just as great to me. 

For all dates that are 12 hour or longer I require all meals provided by client, and some time outside of the room. I also require an undisturbed 6-7 hours of beauty sleep. During these longer engagements (overnights) I need 2 hours of getting ready time in the morning. Im sure you would like for me to look and feel my best.


Please do not ask for any extra pictures of me as they will not be given, this is non negotiable for my personal safety. I have plenty  of photos of me on twitter, here on my website, and my only fans. I also have a history of being a cam girl on my free cams and still cam on occasion. I will not facetime with you/send pictures to prove myself, I hope all the effort I have put into my website/my reviews proves my authenticity. If you really want to facetime me I offer paid virtual dates through skype please contact me on setting one up if you would like. During our time together absolutely NO photos/videos of us together or of me will be allowed.

Cancellation Policy

I do understand life can get busy and sometimes plans need to be rearranged. Although I hope you understand that my time is limited and I plan my life around my appointments. When I have a short notice cancelation it truly does upset me and affect my schedules. Any cancellations 48 hours before our time together will be a 100 dollar fee. Same day Cancellations will be a 200 fee. Not paying this fee will result in never being able to set up a date with me again, until the fee is paid and being placed on several national escort blacklists. The fee must be paid via cash app, venmo, or e-giftcard at least 12 hours after cancelling. If it is not paid at least 12 hours after you will be permanently blocked and placed on many blacklists.

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