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Is the girl in the photos really you?

Yes I know it seems too good to be true... it usually is. But please do not worry all the pictures are recent and genuine. Ive put a lot of money and time into creating this website, and getting professional photos just in hopes that you will find me and choose to spend time with me. I wouldn’t go through all of this just to disappoint you when we finally meet.


What will I be wearing?

I love fashion and am always dressed in the latest trends and styles. I will typically arrive in a dress with high heels, boots, or sandals. Underneath I will be wearing a sexy bra and thong. Although if requested by you I can be dressed in a simple jeans and t shirt, gym apparel, or an outfit of your choice. I also own plenty of lingerie and fun costumes, if you see one you like here on my website, my Only Fans, or Twitter I can bring it to wear for you. If you are requesting an outfit please give me an adequate amount of time to make it happen. Not all requests can be guaranteed if it is requested last minute or if I don't own the item.

Do I tour or offer fly me to you?

No I do not tour regularly. I go on tour 1-3 times a year, so if I happen to be in your city then you're quite lucky, and should take that opportunity.  I do offer fly me to you dates with a minimum of at least two weeks notice. I am a selective companion available for dates in Los Angeles.

What is my level of discretion?

I am a very reliable and discreet individual. You can trust that our secret get together will remain confidential. I value my own privacy and will never do anything to bring on unwanted attention. In public I always present myself in a professional, well mannered way.

What is my favorite type of date?

I prefer longer engagements where we can truly get to know each other and spend quality time together. It is nice to share a lovely dinner with each other followed with some "dessert" in the bedroom. I understand that is not always possible and enjoy the excitement  of a shorter meeting too.

Can we meet for coffee or cocktails to test if we are compatible?

Absolutely, but the donation for my time will remain the same. That would be considered an arrangement of time with me, and I would have to be given my normal donation for that time spent and you will still have to go through the screening process.

Do I upsell?

No I am honest with my compensation and will never ask for more then my rates say. That being said my rates are just for my time and nothing more, anything that happens is between two consenting adults.

What is my favorite drinks?

I will always show up to all appointments completely sober although during our time together I do not mind sharing a few drinks with you. For red wine I love Merlot and, for white wine I like Riesling . Although I am a wine lover and would not be disappointed with anything.  My favorite cocktail is a Margarita! My favorite non alcoholic drink is unsweetened iced tea. 

What is my favorite cuisine?

One of my favorite things in life is going out to eat. Trying new foods and experiencing fine dining is always a treat to me. My favorite type of food is definitely anything with a lot of flavor and spice. My three favorite cuisines is Indian, Mexican, and Italian food. 

*Inside my considerations page I have included some date ideas and places I have been/would like to try again

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